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Investment Opportunity

Stock Market Blues?

Have your stock market investments plunged like EVERYONE’s ?

Depending upon your portfolio strategy, your stock investments may have lost 30% or more in their value over the past 3 months... tired of losing money? Are you ready to invest in REAL ESTATE? Let me show you how...

You can earn MUCH HIGHER Returns
Your Investment

Insured, Secured, Local Investments, Hassle Free

  • Insured
    • Home Insurance – Certificate of Insurance naming you as the First Mortgagee
    • Life Insurance – I am personally insured with $1,000,000 of proceeds being delivered to a Trust Fund from which all properties are paid off in the event of my untimely demise - you are a named beneficiary of the Trust Fund. You get all of your investment back, guaranteed.
  • Secured
    • Each home is secured by a Promissory Note signed at the time of the investment by me, personally.
    • Amended Promissory Note is signed by the Trust and by me, personally, at the time that the note is assigned to a specific property.
    • Recorded First and Only Mortgageyou hold the mortgage
  • Return – Your investment will earn A HIGH interest paid quarterly. These are interest only yields for 5 years and are paid quarterly.
  • Local Properties – Only local properties are selected for ease of management and ease of access. You can see your investment at any time! Drive by it any time you want!!
  • Hassle FreeAll acquisition, rehab, appraisals, closing costs, and management issues are my problems – not yours. Become a Real Estate Investor without the headaches!
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        Union City, OH 45390

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Serving Shelby, Darke, Montgomery Counties in Ohio and Randolph County in Indiana
Copyright 2002-2010 American Housing Providers, Inc.
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