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Make Money

There are lots of different ways to make money in real estate. Of course there’s finding ugly, bad houses and rehabbing them... then, there is the rental business and the “quick turn” business where you find a good deal and sell the “option” to purchase to someone else... but, you can make money in real estate by merely driving around or being “observant”.

If you can find me a house for rehab or you know of a situation where someone wants to “get rid” of their house AND I purchase it - then there’s a check waiting for you!

Bird dogs wanted! - Do you know where there is a house that someone REALLY wants to sell? Put them in contact with me or give me their name and number and IF I PURCHASE their house... I will give YOU a CASH REWARD.

This can range from $50 to $250 for simply putting me in contact with someone that needs to sell their house. (I’ve got to purchase it and it has to be a house that I’m not already in negotiations... )

Could you use an extra $250? Send me your leads!!!

Good Tenants Wanted - If you can find me a good tenant - one that pays the rent on time and in full and stays with me for at least two years, then I want to PAY YOU TO FIND ME GOOD TENANTS! Call me to find out more. 937-968-5600

If you are already a resident of one of my homes or apartments, then I want to help you pay the rent! Find me a good tenant and I will give you a $100 credit on your rent or I will apply it to one of our upgrades - ceiling fans, additional phone jacks, high efficiency air conditioner, etc.

Investors Wanted - If you have money, but don’t want to get involved with tenants, leaky faucets, overflowing toilets, and calls in the middle of the night... then, you might want to be involved with your IRA or other funds. Call me to find out more! 937-968-5600

Landlords and Investors Wanted - If you want to learn how to get into this business or learn how to maximize your profits, then you need to attend the ShelbyREIA monthly meeting held in Sidney, Ohio. The Shelby Real Estate Investors Association is designed to help seasoned and beginning investors with their real estate goals. Call me for more information - 937-968-5600

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