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American Housing Providers

Stop Renting - Rent to Own YOUR OWN Home!

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Stop renting! Rent to Own and cash in on the Stimulus Program!

Welcome to the American Housing Providers, Inc. web site. Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our company that we hope makes it easier for you to do business with us. American Housing Providers, Inc. finds special properties for special people. SIGN UP FOR OUR UPDATED PROPERTY LIST!

Here’s what is available on a RENTAL basis or on a Rent To Own (RTO) basis - Serving Shelby, Montgomery, Darke County, Ohio and Randolph County, Indiana in the following Zip Codes - 45390, 47390, 45365, 47394, 45331

Unless otherwise noted, tenant pays all utilities

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I have been posting jobs as they are sent to me from the web site which publishes local jobs. I suggest you click on the link and find a position... there are plenty of jobs out there if you want to work!

Other businesses that are hiring -

  • Tomasco 135 Positions!, Winchester, Indiana - contact Staffmark in Muncie
  • Henman’s - machine shop in Winchester, Indiana
  • Alphabet, Portland, Indiana - contact R & R or Manpower in Portland

I am finding these jobs at - they are posted every day. You will want to sign up for registration purposes - and you will want to subscribe to their daily email blast which will send you the latest jobs.

Additionally, there are jobs at Production Paint, Gettysburg, OH, R & R Staffing, Portland, IN

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There’s a new Consignment Shop in town. Consignment-Bargains is a new consignment shop in Union City, Indiana that features -

    • Appliances
    • Microwaves
    • Clothes
    • Electronics
    • Furniture
    • Household goods

As a non-profit serving Darke, Randolph and surrounding counties, Consignment- Bargains provides free or low cost services to families in need.

If you would like to donate items to this 501c(3) non-profit, then please call 937-732-5000 for more information or visit us at:

Consignment Bargains
228 W. Oak Street
Union City, Indiana

FREE Money

I’ve been doing this for years - Find Unclaimed Money For FREE!

Current residents - we have just added a convenient PayPal payment system. We, now, take Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Debit Card Payments.

I just updated the section on HEAP assistance. The income guidelines have gone up considerably... (in other words, you may not have been eligible in the past, but you might be eligible, now) Check out the new guidelines by clicking here.

For the most up-to-date listing of properties and rental application


Let us Help You Buy a Home

“I don’t have a large down payment... what can I do?”

If you don’t have a large payment but can show at least half of the posted lease-option fee, then we may be able to work out a payment plan that fits your needs. Our objective is to separate people that are currently in “tenant mode” from those people that really want to own their own home... that’s where we come in...

Our program is designed to assist potential home owners that may have credit situations that don’t allow them to go down to a bank and borrow large sums of money for a house.

If you have credit problems, we want to help!

We will -

  • help you establish credit if you don’t have credit - at no cost to you,
  • help you rebuild your credit if it has gotten tarnished (or destroyed!) at no cost, and
  • we will teach you the secrets of obtaining and maintaining a high credit score.
  • We will help you purchase your next home!

Don’t let the past hold you back from a promising future... write or call to discuss your situation. All conversations are confidential...

Let the Government Help Pay Your Heating Bill... this is free folks!

Call - 937-968-5600 for more information! Our FAX number is 937-968-6900
I Buy Houses - Any Condition, Any Situation, Confidential and Quick Closing

Home Ownership is Good for Children

According to a study recently published in the Real Estate Economics Journal, home ownership is good for children! They found for those living in their own home, instead of rented units, academic performance was up 7-9% and behavioral problems were down 1-3%.

Get this - This was unrelated to household income, education, marital status, or the number of siblings. The effect was credited to safety, home improvement, child/parent activities, educational materials in the home and stability in one location. In fact, the effect increased the longer the family lived in their own home. So, there are more than just rental savings benefits to owning your own home!

Facing foreclosure?

Before it’s too late, call me for a private no-cost consultation. I may be able to help you with your problem. There are a number of different ways of dealing with the banks and mortgage companies.

Don’t wait until they are knocking on your door... if you are one, two, three or more payments behind... I may be able to help. Call my private number 937-369-5191 for assistance.

In case you missed it - the Government will help you pay your heating bills... click here

Bird dogs wanted! - Do you know where there is a house that someone REALLY wants to sell? Put them in contact with me or give me their name and number and IF I PURCHASE their house... I will give YOU a CASH REWARD.

This can range from $50 to $250 for simply putting me in contact with someone that needs to sell their house. (I’ve got to purchase it and it has to be a house that I’m not already in negotiations... )

Could you use an extra $250? Send me your leads!!!

From “Bird Dogs” to “Bird Flu” - What You Can Do to Protect Yourself


Secrets the Gas Company Won’t Tell You!
Many potential tenants are appalled at the deposit wanted by local gas companies to turn on the gas. Local gas companies will take 50% of the amount they are requiring (usually 30% of the ENTIRE annual gas bill) and they will spread the balance over the next 8 weeks plus gas usage. Example $1,000 deposit = $500 now and $62.50/wk for 8 weeks plus usage.

This is FREE money for your heating and electric bill. Don’t miss out!!!

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Serving Shelby, Darke, Montgomery Counties in Ohio and Randolph County in Indiana
Copyright 2002-2010 American Housing Providers, Inc.
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